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1 BIO NEUF is a Belgium brand who cares for your beauty and your well-being and offers a  100% Bio cosmetic range using vegetal and essential oils fully Bio certified by “BIOGARANTIE” and “ECOGARANTIE”.

Belgium, known for its knowhow and excellence, is the most demanding in terms of requirements because ALL components have to be from biological origin.

2 BIO NEUF offers a full range of massage oils whose efficiency has been tested by kinesitherapists and which will relieve pain day by day.

3 BIO NEUF also offers a full range of Argan beauty oils whose efficiency comes from essential oils reinforcing the moisturising, tonic, regenerating, and smoothing effect of the skin treatments.  All these oils are certified by “BIOGARANTIE” and provide 100% Bio Synergies.

BIO NEUF is also the first Belgium brand to offer to the Bio-Beauticians a wide range of cosmetic creams for the face, neck, hands and feet as well as face and body milks.

These products are certified under the ECOGARANTIE label and checked by Certisys.

All these products contain high level of essential oils. Testing their high quality and efficiency will quickly convince you.

Cosmetic range of high quality

Milk for the beauty of the body and well-being

Range of biological care

Regenerating night oil




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Bio Neuf à l'honneur sur l'émission "Sans chichis"

Posted by BIO NEUF on jeudi 22 janvier 2015

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