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For greater transparency, NEW BIO chose LABEL BIOGARANTIE
for the range of oils and massage oils to care for ARGANE face.

Indeed, these two lines are 100% ORGANIC.

The use of brand BIOGARANTIE is subject to specifications, specifications of the most demanding loads in Europe
For more information: See the website www.certisys.eu
GENERAL RULES FOR ALL TRADERS, use of the mark for Essential Oils:

"Essential oils can carry the logo Biogarantie provided that the percentage of organic ingredients, based on the total ingredients from agriculture, is at least 95%."

For the range of Cosmetic Creams and Lotions in BIO NEW chose:
and is the first in Belgium to be released this complete line under this label.
For more information see the website: www.ecogarantie.be
Use of the mark for cosmetic products
"Indeed, the labeling may bear the logo ECOGARANTIE if the finished product meets the requirements of this specification, including those related to microbiological and following the Regulation and its physical and chemical changes, the order Royal and Ministerial Order and its amendments. "

NEW BIO has also strengthened the action of these products by SILICA.